Elegant Enterprises

Ever since its inception, Elegant Enterprises has painstakingly carved out for itself a role in managing the needs of its corporate clients with excellent service. Fully aware of the different leanings of different sections of the society, Elegant Enterprises conducts Activations, Events & Exhibitions that address these. Now, with the emergence of the social media tools, Elegant has been designing the Activations or Campaigns with a right mix of these vibrant tools with the traditional media tools. To know how Elegant can bring a value addition to your existing marketing/ media campaign, pl. drop us an email at  abhijit@elegantapt.com


  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Activation
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Annual Day Functions
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Product Launch event
  • New Facility Launch event
  • Cultural &
  • entertainment Programs
  • Celebrity Management
  • In-film & in-serial promotions
  • Outdoor promotions
  • Exhibitions
  • BTL Activity
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